What's Up?!?

So.  This has been my week.  I don't really want to tell the whole story here (mostly because I don't want to relive it by writing it) but I will say that it was the most terrifying experience I have had to date.  And I hope that I never have to top it.

Here's why I even bring it up...it has led me to reflect on some things.  One of the things I have experienced through this has been the goodness of people.  Good Samaritans, EMS, police, medical staff, and most notably amazing friends and family have all shown their hearts this week.  I feel so lucky.  My injury could have been so much worse...but I was lucky.  I could have had to deal with this alone...but I am lucky.  Lucky to have an amazing husband who has held my hand, brought me chocolate, distracted me, entertained me, and most importantly loved me right thorough it.  Lucky to have incredible friends who have entertained my kids, grocery shopped, checked in on me, entertained and distracted me too.  Lucky to have two wonderful daughters who have (without being asked) done dishes, vacuumed, done laundry, fetched and carried, made their own lunches, and been the most dedicated helpers a mama could ask for.

As rough as it has been, there has been so much goodness as well.  So many blessings, all around me. So many things to be thankful for. So many!


  1. The girls have been raised to be helpful-caring-loving-etc & they showed every bit of what they have learned. Gdma moo is very proud of them


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