Wow...we packed a lot into this weekend!  First off, you should know that I am not writing this blog post alone.  As I type our new pet, Peanut, is perched on my shoulder, snuggling with me.  If you had told me birds could be snuggly 5 days ago I would not have believed you, but I know differently now!  He's a bit of a cuddler...but let's back up a bit...

First up...The Color Run!  We picked up our packets on Friday night and since we had some other business in town we went ahead and just spent the night so we could be ready to go bright and early.

Well.  Bright and early it was!  The kids woke me up at 5:40 (ahem!) so we geared up, grabbed breakfast, and headed out.  The Anchorage color run had 15,000+ registered participants, so we knew that parking might be an issue.  I also was working later that morning at the Anchorage Market, so we parked at market and walked four blocks to catch the shuttle to Sullivan Arena.  It worked out so well!  The shuttle bus happened to be a school bus which delighted the girls, who had never ridden on one before.  We got to Sullivan Arena around 7 and the run started at 8.  There was plenty to see, that's for sure!  Lots of pre-race festivites...and the kids were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people.  Since I was due at work in a few hours we scoped out a spot to watch that was near the start line.

The run was fun!  The colors were spaced out every kilometer or so which was perfect for the girls.  About the time they started telling me how hot/tired/thirsty they were we spotted another color zone up ahead and they got another wave of energy.  Here's blurry look at what it looked like heading into our first color zone...

And here's what the girls looked like at the end...

The girls were tired and hungry by this point and I needed to head to market, so we opted to skip the 'after' party back in the arena parking lot.  That's were people get a lot of their really vibrant color spots...from throwing handfuls of paint on each other!  It looks like fun...maybe next time!

We shuttled back downtown and then Scott came and picked up the kids at market.  Then they went to Petco.  The girls and I had stopped by there on Friday and I had texted Scott this picture and told him we were 'window shopping'...

A few weeks ago we bird-sat for some friends of ours while they went on a cruise.  I had never spent much time around birds, but after having one for two weeks even I had to admit that a well socialized and trained bird is pretty fun!  Kelsey approached Scott and I with a very logically thought out list of why a bird is a good pet for us (after *many* discussions about why dogs and cats aren't a good fit right now).  What can I say...the kid LOVES animals and she had some good points.  Birds don't use litter boxes and they don't need to be walked in 60+ mph winds.  So after much talk Scott and I had decided to go ahead with it.  But we hadn't told the kids!  On Saturday Scott took them to buy the bird they had admired...a Dusky Conure named Peanut.  Our friend is a bird buff and had helped us decide that he'd be a good fit for us, so Peanut came to our house.

He's lots of fun!  He's very affectionate and has gotten used to life outside of Petco very quickly!

Kelsey has been amazingly patient with him as he's learned to trust us.

And even Stacy has gotten into holding Peanut!  She never once held Jacob while he was here, but she and Peanut are becoming fast friends. 

He loves to sit on her head and play with the pom-pom on top of her hat!

The girls have given him a middle name as well, so his full name is Peanut Sunshine Korbe.  In case you ever need to know!

We also had fun at the Summer City Fair in Cuddy park on Friday, but I'll tell you all about that next time...


  1. Congratulations on Peanuts
    Very proud of you girls for your run. :-)


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