Fish On!

Hi there, everyone!  I would have checked in sooner, but it's summer and we're still working on settling into a routine of sorts.  We had a great first week of vacation filled with sunshine, bike rides, beach time, sidewalk chalk, games of catch, and all of that sort of kiddo summer fun.  The rain has rolled in now know, our usual summer weather! 

This weekend I worked and the kids got lots of Daddy time.  On Saturday they borrowed a friend's boat and went for a little time on the water...

Don't they look proud of that catch?  Barely big enough for a fish nugget, he was released to grow bigger.  I'm so glad they all had fun together and that Scott used his snazzy new iPhone to snap some pictures for me to share with you.  My only picture from this weekend:

Meanwhile, I had lots of fun working at the Anchorage Market.  Some friends of ours run a booth there selling fudge, coffee and ice cream and I am helping them out this month on the weekends.  It's fun to meet people from all over the world and hear what's brought them to Alaska.  And the people watching's entertaining as well!  I learned to run the coffee machine this weekend...I am no pro by any means, but I can do the basics!

Hope you had a great weekend, too!


  1. Good fisher ladies :-) glad you caught fish :-)


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