Sunny Days

Hi!  This will wrap up my Memorial Day weekend recap and spill over into a terrific Tuesday.

Monday started off a bit wet and cloudy, but dried up and turned quite nice!  The same negative tides that make for great clamming also make for decent tide pooling around here.  We don't have great tide pools, but when the tide is out on a negative tide you can usually find something cool to look at!  So Monday we met some friends at Salmon Run and hiked out to the point.  We missed the lowest tide by a bit, but still found some fun stuff.

Yesterday we tried to fly kites (epic fail...too windy!) and ended up back at Smitty's Cove in the sun.  Fabulous!  We hit the low tide this time and found all kinds of cool things by flipping over rocks.

They dressed warm for the wind, but Smitty's is very protected so it was very calm and warm.  By afternoon it was 68 degrees and we were making our own fashion statements!

The sun is out again, so we're headed outside to soak it up while it lasts!!