Our Hummingbird

After seeing all of the hummingbirds around town, we finally got a hummingbird feeder last spring.  I tried to get pictures of the birds in action last year, but never had any luck.  This year...I'm luckier!  In matters of fast-flying birds, at least!  This little guy has been joined by a friend in the past few days, but for the last week or so has been a frequent visitor.  He often comes and sits on the perch as well.  I felt so bad for him during our crummy weather over the weekend that I pulled my feeder in to de-ice it for him!  Needless to say...we're getting lots of entertainment out of him!

Don't mind the crummy quality of my pictures.  The seal on our big picture window is broken, so as soon as things thaw out in the spring and moisture returns to the air the window always has condensation between the panes.  It's a pain and annoying, but our landlords are not planning to fix it anytime soon so we just do our best to ignore it...to see the pictures larger, just click on them and you'll be taken directly to the album on Fotki!  Happy birding!