Memorial Day Weekend

First of all, I'd like to start by sharing my sincere thanks to those who serve this country.  A day in May is not enough to thank you for your service, not enough to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.  Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

It just so happened that the three day weekend coincided with some crazy low tides in Cook Inlet (-5.5!), so we packed up Friday night and headed off clamming.  So fun!  We made a very similar trek at the beginning of June last year as well.  Last year's clamming was an epic fail.  This year's was marginally better.  We got some...enough for chowder.  Certainly not the hundreds that we have gotten in the past, but perhaps we appreciate them all the more because of it.  The weather on Saturday was amazingly beautiful, so even after Scott and I were done digging the kids continued to completely muddy themselves.  The biggest messes always seem to bring the biggest smiles to little faces, don't they?  I didn't want to deal with cameras or phones in the water and mud, so there's no pictures, but trust was truly head to toe.  This load of laundry brought to you by sand, sun, mud, LL Bean rain gear, Xtra Tufs, and duct tape.

view from the Ninilchik beach
We had started our day at the Ninilchik EMS pancake breakfast and after the muddy fun on the beach we played a bit in Ninilchik, had a picnic lunch, and headed south the Homer while the girls dozed.

Homer was, as always, fun!  We hit our favorite ice cream shop on the spit, Spit Licks and then headed up to the Homer playground...always a hit with the backseat gang!

We stopped on our way out of town to take some pictures...

That night we had dinner at the hostel where we were staying and played catch in the yard there for a long time.  A lovely evening!

The next morning we loaded up and headed north to Kenai where we played on the beach a bit.

Then we visited some friends and picnicked at the Soldotna playground before heading on home.

We swung into Hope on the way home, remembering a sweet ice cream shop there.  The ice cream shop has closed up shop, but we did see this sweet ride...

When we got home I heard some of the best words a mama can hear..."What can I do to help?"  It was awesome!  What took me all day Friday to get packed was unpacked and put away in 30 minutes on Sunday night.  4 pairs of hands is a very good thing!

I'll tell you about Monday in the next post...and there are tons of pictures that aren't here over on Fotki if you're looking for more peeks into our weekend!


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