Hello there!  I was totally absent on Friday and late with yesterdays post.  Yikes. 

Friday we took the kids into town and to H2Oasis for Kelsey's birthday "thing".  I've talked about it here before, but I'm too lazy to find the links today so just to refresh your memory we don't buy our kids birthday presents, we give them birthday experiences.  They get to choose a family activity to do together.  This year Kelsey wanted to go to H2Oasis, so off we went.  No pictures since we were all in the water, but trust me...a good time was had by all!

The weather was the main topic of conversation around town over the weekend and here's why...

Saturday was the first cruise ship of the season and the weather was absurd.  It snowed and the wind blew all day.  By the time it was over there were five or six inches of slush.  Scott had to go out and plow because the tourists were getting stuck.  It was ridiculous!

Saturday we also took our first run at t-ball.  I've signed the girls up to play in Girdwood over the summer, so on Friday we hunted down mitts, balls, a bat, and a tee.  Saturday we took it all to the school gym and gave it a go.  It was so much fun!  Scott joined us which worked out really well so we had a 1:1 thing going.  The kids had lots of fun and learned a bit as well.  Lots of pictures on Fotki, but I'll share just a few here...

Sunday Scott kicked off the 2013 halibut season by being a substitute deckhand for a friend of his.  He always has so much fun doing that and since the weather was 500 times nicer on Sunday it was a great day for him all the way around!  The kids and I had a *ROUGH* morning...one of those days when you just want to go back to bed and start again, which is essentially what we did.  We all took naps after lunch and our afternoon was so much better!  We headed out on our bikes for some much-needed fresh air.

It rejuvenated us all!

The sun has stayed with us and we sure are making the most of it!  Trying not to waste the gifts given to us...


  1. You girls are growing up way to fast. Enjoy playing t ball it is alot of fun :-)

  2. You girls are growing up way to fast. Enjoy playing t ball. It is alot of fun :-)


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