Inspired by this.

Outside my's light like it's 5pm.  But it's 10pm!

I am thinking...that I am a different person than I was five years ago and I like that.  I feel more comfortable with who and what I am and that's a good feeling!

I am thankful...for my amazing husband and kids who gave me a very memorable Mother's Day!!

In the kitchen...the dinner dishes are still sitting in the sink because I went to a poetry workshop tonight instead of staying home and doing my chores.

I am wearing...a fair trade necklace

I am!  Secret gifts!

I am going...clamming on Memorial Day weekend, woohoo!!

I am wondering...just what it is that makes some people tick...

I am reading...books for reviewing.  I will be posting reviews this week...

I am hoping...that something I do today makes a difference in someone's life

I am looking forward study this week!  We've been on hiatus for a few weeks with our leader traveling, but I have missed my friends!

I am be more patient, more present in the daily moments.

Around the house...are things that matter to me.  Artwork by my kiddos, snapshots of our daily lives...our stuff tells a story

I am pondering...poetry and the writing of it.  That stepping out of my comfort zone.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...hugs!

A peek into my about a peek into my Mother's Day?