A Play and Some Sun

What a great weekend we had!  We started off by celebrating Scott's birthday on Friday night.  Scott likes to keep birthday celebrations low key, so we followed his wishes.  No big celebration, just a little special dinner here at home.  The girls chose the menu for him according to what they thought he'd like, so we sat down to a dinner of Spam sandwiches on white store-bought bread and apples.  They were right...Scott loves Spam and he likes apples a lot, too.  For dessert we made this lovely peanut butter pie in lieu of cake, since Scott's not a big fan of cake either.  It's a peanut butter/cream cheese/Cool Whip filling in a crushed Oreo crust.  Seriously...you can't go wrong here!

For his birthday the girls and I gave him tickets for the four of us to go see a production of Charlotte's Web at the Alaska Fine Arts Academy.  I know many of you are reading this and thinking "WHAT?!?!" so let me back up a bit.  On New Year's Eve this year we made a list with the girls of things we wanted to do in 2013.  Scott's additions to the list were 'a family snow skiing trip' and 'see a play or concert'.  Since we had already been skiing the girls and I decided the play would be fun.  We were right!  It was a great production, totally capturing the girls' attention for two hours!  If you want to see a great performance that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and is kid friendly, Alaska Fine Arts Academy is the place to be!

Sunday the girls and I made our first trek of the season to the Lazy Otter Cafe(As  side note here, some of the images on their website were taken by little old me!)  It was lovely to be back in their sweet little cafe, catching up after the long winter!  On our way home we noticed the wind had died down, so the girls and I took a detour and headed to Smitty's Cove.  The girls had hours of fun playing on the rocks, wading, finding washed up treasures, smashing shells, etc.  We were so grateful for a few hours of sunny, calm weather!  These pics aren't the best since they were taken with my phone, but you'll get the idea.

An absolutely lovely afternoon!!




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