Swimming and Field Trips

Our local school is taking swimming lessons in Girdwood this week and next.  They go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  With a 30 minute drive each way (not counting time spent waiting at the tunnel) it's a lot of travel.  The girls' class is 6 kids (all girls, by the way!) and so they fit just right in our Suburban.  I offered to drive them because 1) all the kids won't fit in the school van and 2) it seemed like the perfect opportunity to add on some extra field trips for them and their class.  As long as you're out of the tunnel, might as well make the most of it!  So far it's been lots of fun...Monday after swimming we went to visit the Alaska Dog Sledding Center which was right up my little ladies' alley.  We got to meet the dogs, ask questions, and go for a super-fun sled ride, too!

Stacy, after riding up front through the powder!
Cute pups!
 Yesterday we went sledding afterwards.  It was fun to try out  a new sledding hill and to get to play with the whole class outside!  Of course since I'm a big kid at heart I couldn't resist tagging along for a few runs myself...

So fun!  Today is bright and sunny in Whittier again.  And 20 degrees.  Oh yeah, the wind is blowing too.  My brand new bike...it's still brand new!  Just waiting to go for a spin when the roads are clear again!