Unplugged and Unwinding

Oh!  I forgot how wonderful it can be to be unplugged for a bit!  We had a gracious invitation to spent the weekend with some friends of ours at their cabin in Trapper Creek this past weekend.  What a wonderful retreat!  In my personal opinion it's less of a cabin and more of a vacation home (they lived there full-time for four years) given that they have a hot tub, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen with a dishwasher.  What they don't have is cell phone reception or internet (though reportedly satellite internet is available).  Lovely!  As much as I love staying in touch with people and up to date with what's going on in the world it is so nice to take a bit of a break from all of that from time to time as well.  So instead of checking email, browsing Pinterest, updating Facebook and playing with the editing of digital photographs I spent my weekend visiting, sledding, pushing the girls on the kick sled, reading books, coloring, crocheting, chatting, listening to 3 little girls giggling, riding snow machines, preparing food side by side with another mama, and taking photographs of it all.  Here are a few I'd like to share...

3 gigglers!

sun and gazebo

rear of an old cabin nearby

one of the best pictures of Kelsey ever!

Kelsey in the snow in 2008...where did the baby go??
A great weekend!  And this weekend we're off on another adventure...