Spring Break--Part One

Yup! It was so great that I think I have to break it into parts to tell you about it!  Otherwise this would be the longest post ever!  Part one was the return to the cabin in Trapper Creek.  This time we were on our own and it was oh-so relaxing!  So fun to have a little family retreat.  We headed out on Tuesday evening and arrived at the cabin around 10pm.  The girls somehow managed to stay awake the whole drive which made for an easy bedtime when we arrived!  The next morning we enjoyed a lazy breakfast and some time inside as we waited for the sun to get high in the sky and take the edge off the very chilly day!  Then we suited up and Scott taught the girls to ride the kiddo-sized snowmachine.

They had so much fun, in spite of the fact that the temperature was hovering in the teens and the wind was whipping!

They practiced on the driveway and then we went for a ride out onto the lake. Here's a view of the cabin from the lake.  It is powered by wind, sun, and generator when necessary.

We went in for a warm up, lunch, and a nap...

...and then we were back outside!  We were treated to amazing views along the way...

psst...that's Denali!
After dinner and another warm-up we took our final ride of the day.  When was the last time you saw a sign like this in your neighborhood?

Then it was time for more hot chocolate and some bedtime stories.

With the girls snuggled in for the night, Scott and I watched a beautiful sunset!

And then I promptly fell asleep on the couch!  The next morning we cleaned up the cabin, packed up our stuff and headed off to meet up with friends and travel on to Fairbanks.  I'll tell you all about that portion of our vacation next time!  For more pictures head on over to Fotki.