On the Slope!

We first took the girls skiing last April.  They had so much fun that we had planned to do it again and this weekend was a great time to do it.  Not too cold, not raining...so off we went!  Alyeska has two 'learn to ski' areas.  Last time we had stayed at the easier of the two, by the Daylodge.  This time we ventured over to the other spot, which is near the Sitzmark.  The hill is a bit longer and a bit steeper.  Neither of those slowed the girls down at all, though!

The funny part of their excitement for skiing is that I don't ski.  Scott is quite an experienced skier...I have downhill skied exactly once and it didn't go so well.  The weather didn't cooperate so I ended up on a mountain in Canada in the middle of a blizzard.  Scott was right there and helped me get down, but it was cold and hard and didn't leave fun memories.  Never mind all of that, though!  Apparently I am going to be learning soon...or so I am told by two little girls, anyway!

Whether I learn to ski or not, these girls are happy to be learning!  Look at that face up there...and the expression of total "I got it!" down below.

After they were both exhausted and cold we packed up, returned the skis and headed off to get some dinner at their favorite restaurant, Chair 5.  We met up with some Girdwood friends and shared a lovely meal.  Quite a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon and evening!


  1. I am so proud of you girls for learning to ski. Enjoy every minute of skiing as your daddy had a lot of fun skiing as well. :-)


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