900 photos
20 days
6 beds
4 flights
1 road trip
8 suitcases

It's been a bit quiet around here because the girls and I snuck down to Washington right after my Juneau trip. Right after. As in I never even went home in between. We got back into Anchorage late last night but too late to catch the last tunnel into Whittier, so we came in early this morning so the girls could go to school today.  A huge thank you to my hubby who had the house all nice and clean, dishes done, and laundry caught up when we arrived!!

It was a fun trip! I kept it quiet because I wanted it to just be a family trip this time and so many of our friends were in school while we were down. I felt very guilty pulling the girls out of school, but we did some homework every day and took in some educational experiences while we were down as well. We visited the Oregon Zoo, OMSI, and the Portland Children's Museum as well as doing a bit of horseback riding and making a quick trip with my side of the family to the beach. We visited my mom at her school (which my kids think is a HUGE school with 80 kids K-8) and celebrated some birthdays. It was a fun filled trip for sure!

Wanna see pictures?  Click on the links above and it will take you directly to the associated photo album for each event. to make a birthday dress for a certain someone turning 7 on Friday!


  1. Great pics! Can you scent a Build-a-bear these days or did I misread that?


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