I am

I am the daughter of chainsaws and burn piles,
of fix it and do it.

I am the daughter of sewing and flower beds,
of books, knitting needles and waffles on weekends.

I am the granddaughter of gardens, birds, hard work and Louis L'Amour novels,
of quilts, volunteering and home-cooked meals.

I am the granddaughter of cornflake crusted chicken and baked half potatoes,
of crochet, sewing, cross stitch and roses.

I am the sister of aluminum bats, afternoons in the pond,
of Legos and used bookstores.

I am the wife of quads, boats, tools and sets of plans,
of pancakes, turnouts and fishing poles.


I am barbed wire fence and tree farms, frozen mountains, and glacier fed streams.
I am music on the radio, dirt under my fingernails, and projects in progress.
I am colorful, rainy nights and snowy tomorrows.


I am all of this.
I am me.