Happy {almost} Valentine's Day!

image from Jackson & Perkins...my favorite rose from Grandma's garden!
 You know...I really like Valentine's Day!  It comes during what is often a dark/wet/snowy month that has been preceded by months of dark/wet/snow and for me it is the month that turns the corner into spring.  The wet/snow might (will!) continue on for weeks (ok, months!) longer, but March is warmer, lighter, and happier!!  So right when I need some cheering up comes Valentine's Day.  A holiday centered around being nice to people, love, and happiness.  Perfect!!

In honor of Valentine's Day I am sharing a list of things that I love and are making me happy right now...no special order!

:: bits of blue sky
:: retro rainbow tchotchke from the 80's
:: belly laughs
:: the wonder and boundless curiosity of children
:: glimpses of sunshine
:: warm blankets to snuggle under
:: fuzzy socks that keep my tootsies warm
:: a crochet project that makes me smile each time I pick it up
:: visions of sewing projects dancing in my head
:: great things to read

I hope this Valentine's Day finds you with a bit of time to celebrate those things which make you happy...and those people who bring happiness to your days as well!