a door in the back of my favorite Juneau bookstore
Inspired by this.

Outside my's dark and rainy

I am thinking...that I am tired!  A busy, high energy weekend in Juneau paired with a night of crummy sleep makes for a tired mama

I am thankful...for an awesome hubby and a terrific group of friends who cared for the girls while I was in Juneau

In the can actually see the countertops!

I am watch...I rarely wear it since moving to Alaska

I am afghan.  I know.  Apparently I will be celebrating my 83rd birthday soon??

I am write a whole lot of legislative thank-yous tomorrow.

I am wondering...if the girls might sleep in a bit tomorrow...please???

I am reading...The Love Season

I am go shopping all by myself sometime soon

I am looking forward to...Starbucks and fabric stores

I am learning...that I like stepping back into the professional realm a bit

Around the house...the kids have wreaked havoc, as usual!

I am pondering...Kelsey's birthday.

A favorite quote for today..."Sometimes you don't know the true value of a moment until it is a memory"

One of my favorite things...a smile from my kids!

A peek into my day...Starbucks, suitcases, excited girls, hugs, and smiles

As always, thanks for stopping by...I am honored that you spend a bit of your day here in my space!