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Happy Birthday, Kelsey!  I've been blogging for several years now, so you can look back and see my posts about Kelsey's birthday when she turned four, five, and six.  People always say that kids grow up too fast and that has always bothered me. Kids grow up and they should!  There are things I miss about my kids when they were younger, but there are so many things I look forward to as they continue to grow as well.  It's fun to look back at the pictures of when they were younger, but I don't want to miss the moments today because I'm remembering yesterday.  So with that, I present my very favorite 7 year old!

She (sort of) designed this dress.  Since around Christmastime she's been drawing things like this and giving them to me, complete with measurements.  She wanted elbow length sleeves and a side bow, that much was consistent from sketch to sketch.

So I made her this...

Which she was quite pleased with, thank goodness! I made her mini cupcakes for school and this tiny little cake for home...

And a larger cake for the night of her party.  It's shaped like a horseshoe and although I was planning to do more finish work on it she asked me not to.  She liked it the way it was, so I let go of the cake in my mind and plopped the 7 candle on it.  There were also 48 cupcakes for the party on Saturday.  Yeah.  We are keeping the cake mix industry in business over here!

Speaking of the party, it was lots of fun!  Of course we stuck with the cowgirl theme...

We made necklaces, got temporary tattoos, decorated cupcakes and played pin the tail on the horse

Then we thanked everyone for coming, cleaned up and headed home....

It was a fun Saturday afternoon for sure!




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