This has been a rough couple of days for us!  I'd been feeling a bit crummy since Saturday, but Tuesday I got knocked flat on my fanny by a crazy fever.  Ugh.  Adding up all of my symptoms I came up with the possibility of strep throat so I took myself to urgent care this morning and got my self-diagnosis confirmed.  Ugh.  I'd never had strep throat before but really stinks!  I'm on antibiotics now and am already feeling better...thank you modern medicine!!  Stacy's still a little under the weather though so we chilled out this afternoon like this...

making a pom pom garland
And then after Kelsey got home from school...

Stacy's toes get painted

Kelsey's toes get painted
Mama's toes get painted!

the finished product...:-)
So...hooray for pom poms, nail polish, and antibiotics!