Rock Climbing

After our visit to the rock gym in October, the girls have regularly been asking for two things: 1) to go back and 2) Daddy to take the belay class so they could rope climb.  This weekend all of the pieces fell into place so we headed into town for a day of {mostly} fun.  The girls and I dropped Scott off at the gym to take the two hour class while we took care of the necessary shopping.  After the class was over, we headed over to join Scott and the girls finally go to climb "with ropes" as they had been wanting to sooo badly.  Click through the slideshow below to see how much fun they had!

Absolutely the sweetest part was their excitement and enthusiasm while cheering each other on...made me proud to be their mama for sure!


  1. thanks dad for taking the class. Looks like the girls had a good time :-)


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