We were up to a little of this and a little of that this weekend!  The best way to share it is through photos, I think...

Here's Stacy, pretending to be "little Scott"...

The girls had school on Saturday (this happens once every December to meet the required number of instructional days and still be out for the summer the Friday before Memorial Day).  It was PJ day, so I picked up these beauties to wear.  I didn't tell anyone, though!  Scott carried the camera to school and snapped a picture of my friend Stephanie as she looked over and saw me in my ridiculous get-up! It was so funny!

The girls' class learned about snowflakes on Saturday, so they made these cool snowflakes out of pattern blocks...

Then yesterday we  headed into town for some family fun time at H2Oasis.  We left on the 9am tunnel and came home on the 3:30...and got to see the sunrise and the sunset!  The 21st is sneaking right up on us!!

sunrise in the mirror
going down


The girls finally tried the big slide at H2Oasis.  You go down in a double inner tube. It's called the Master Blaster...so fun!  Stacy's such a screamer...makes me scream, too!  We had lots of fun, followed by two *very tired* little ladies.  A great weekend...hope yours was, too!