Weekend Crafting

Ahhhh...what a nice quiet weekend we had at home!  Here are a few of the ways we chose to spend our time...

We decorated a gingerbread house some friends had given us...


We made this fun garland!  The Santa faces and penguins were kits that we never got to last year, but we did this year!  The stars and bells are cinnamon ornaments that we made from this recipe.  Holy cow--they smelled so good while they were cooking!

My box *finally* arrived from JoAnn.com so I whipped up this tree skirt...

And we were able to add this gal to the top of our tree.  I have no idea why she's holding that big mess of holly leaves and odd beads in her hands...I think I will remove it!

Of course, I also worked on a few other top secret projects, too! 

It also snowed here Saturday!  Surprisingly, we have had hardly any snow this year, so we were super-excited to get out and play...sleds, snowballs, etc.  It was great!  Then it rained on Sunday.  Blech.  The good news was that it was warmer...it's been bitterly cold (and crazy windy) for weeks.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!