Making Stuff

Ahhhh...I am reaping some sweet rewards over here in my corner of the world!  For the last 5 years of my life I have focused intensely on the Christmas experience.  I wanted to lay groundwork for strong traditions for years to come and keep our focus on the spirit of giving.  I am pleased to say that now that the girls are a bit older, I can see that it has worked!  My heart is full when I hear things like "I want to make a gift for ______." and "Let's give one to ______!".  There's no talk of buying things, no commercial expectations from my littles...just true heartfelt giving of things thoughtfully made.  Likewise, there's no talk of getting and wanting.  But there is lots of excitement for those rituals that have come to mark this season for us: the tree, lights in the window, the holiday program, giving,  baking, making...

On that note I am going to assume that if you are reading this you are likely not one of my 99693-living pals.  If you are, either stop reading now or prepare to have your Christmas gift surprise ruined! 

I am making good headway on my gifty to-do list.  I've finished up some gifts for family (to be mailed out early next those mailboxes!) and some for folks around here. 

First up, the lego play mat/bag!  These are genius, and I've been waiting for an occasion to make one.  No one around here has gotten into Legos, but we have a friend who has.  The idea is you play with the stuff on the little mat and then when you're done you can pull the drawstring and it's all contained in the bag!

I made mine out of twin size flat sheet...the cheapest way to get a big chunk of fabric like that!  I used this tutorial that I found (surprise!) on Pinterest. 

I have also finished the teacher gifts!  They are getting foot warmer rice bags that I made following this tutorial, also found via Pinterest.  I attached this cute little poem that I found here

I made one of these for me, too.  I love it!  I love to put it on my shoulders at the end of the day and I like to warm it up right before bedtime for nice, warm toes, too!  I hope they like them as much as I do!

Now...back to that gifty to-do list!  Hope you're having as much fun as I am!