Christmas in the Corners

Hello!  Come on in, welcome to our home!

Last week I lamented about how tricky it is to decorate for Christmas in this small space.  Tricky, but not impossible!  I have several boxes of Christmas stuff in storage.  Stuff I love!  But it's in Washington and I'm in Alaska.  So.  I've gotten some new things, made some new things, and some day I'll have all my old things, my Christmas village.  I love that tiny place to display it here, though!'s how Christmas is looking in the corners of 804 right now...

Here's our tree...we got a new one this year!  A bit bigger and more festive.  The angel for the top and the fixings for my fancy new tree skirt are in a box somewhere between and here! 

I love ornament close-ups!  I could take a picture of every one...I just love the soft light!

We have our usual lights in the window and I added a candy cane garland of sorts this year.

We have a real, live wreath (thanks Grandma Moo!)!

Some festive ornaments along the wall...

This sweet little nativity set and its fabulous cereal-box stable...

 A bit of festivity for our table..

And although I don't have a good picture, our stockings are hung too!  The kids are delighted with a string of lights and our old tiny Christmas tree in their bedroom.  And one of my holiday favorites...Chex mix!!  Why do I only make this at Christmas time?

Although our home is small, our Christmas spirit is large!  Hope you're having as much fun getting ready for Christmas as we are!