Today was one of those days where I had a million little things to do...and I even got most of them done!  Here's my to-do list this morning...can you find my spelling error?  I even got most of it done...hurray for me!

This week is a week of baking!  Yesterday we attended a memorial service {potluck} and a birthday party {potluck}.  I did some baking today for a bake sale tomorrow; there's also another {potluck} birthday party tomorrow night.  Of course there's the community {potluck} Thanksgiving lunch on Wednesday and our bible study {potluck} Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday night.  Oh yeah...Scott smoked a bunch of pork today, so we had people over for dinner tonight.  Yup...we like to eat around here!!

I had a few other photos of miscellaneous moments throughout the day, but my computer ate them...as it did the bottom half inch of the one above.  Ugh.  Oh well...at least they weren't pictures of someone's birthday or the school play, right!?!


  1. Either you are going to sew some computer files or I found it. Sorry, couldn't resist :)

  2. Well I am sooo good at sewing jpgs I thought I'd move on to gifs! ;-) You're the winner, Gwen!!!

  3. As long as I don't win the stomach bug that is going around- I think I have finally (mostly) kicked our bugs out the door


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