Crafty Girls!

Well.  Here we are on November 28 where we have just 6 hours and 15 minutes of welcome to the season of less-than-ideally-lit photos!

The girls and I have been feeling rather crafty lately and it's a good thing since most of our Christmas giving is of the handmade sort!  Lots of it I can't share here but here are a few things that I can share...

On Sunday Kelsey pulled a chopped-off leg of a pair of jeans from the scrap pile and had a vision.  A purse for a friend of hers.  She knew exactly what she wanted, so we were off.  She did most of the sewing on her own, though mama stepped in a few times to do some of the trickier work.  Here she is attaching the velcro closure.

And here's her finished project!

The recipient is 15 months old and was quite pleased to have Kelsey "hide" toys in the purse for her to find.  So sweet, the spirit of giving!

The girls and I have also been working on these fun fabric flowers.

We are making them as gifts for their classmates and babysitters.  They chose the fabrics and button for each with someone in mind.  It was fun to hear them talk about what people liked and how those bits of their personality showed up in the flowers.

Stacy and I had some fun yesterday afternoon with this project, as well.

Later we added faces to the snowmen and some ornaments to the trees.  A fun way to add a bit to our sparse Christmas decorations.  It's hard to decorate this tiny place for Christmas.  Not a lot of empty space and easy to make me feel claustrophobic.  Less is more, I guess!