Sun, Snow, Crafts and Chocolate!

SUNSHINE!!  We had a mostly sunny week last week, bringing us some views out the window like these...

My husband went to town last week and came back with all fabulous dark chocolate of this for me! 

And I've been making some things!  These were fun!  I water colored some paper, then used my Cricut to cut out those states and hearts.  Stacy and I painted the canvases and then I decoupaged the state cut-outs to the canvases.  All the states we have lived in.  Except that Scott has also lived in Hawaii.  Oops! Guess I'd better make one more!

I learned to bead!  It's really not that tricky, but I had never done it.  A few weeks back a friend taught me some basics and now I'm in business!  I have a few other things planned but need to pick up a part at Michael's next time I'm in town.  I made the green one all by  myself.  The multicolored one was one I bought in Juneau last March but it was a bit too tight, so I took it apart and added those round metal accent beads when I put it back together.  Now I love it!

This weekend I finished piecing the top of this beauty!  There is absolutely no place in my tiny apartment to lay it all out, so I was grateful to my friend Kathy who invited me to her church ladies' retreat down at the Inn at Whittier on Saturday.  I met some very nice ladies, enjoyed some wonderful fellowship and got to work on my quilt in a place I could lay it all out.  Yippee!  It's a disappearing 9 patch design...and very bright and busy!  I've never made anything quite like this, but I love the way it turned out! get it all assembled into its finished duvet cover self!  Sorry about the wonky picture...I had to stand on a chair and hold my camera on the ceiling to get this much quilt in the photo, so you also get my pillows, bedroom door, bedside fan, etc.  Lucky you!

Funny how often matching squares end up next to each other, even though the piecing was totally random!

Finally...I guess I have to admit it snowed this weekend.  And it stuck.  Earliest snow yet since we've lived here!  The kids were super excited (How do they forget how long winter is?  I need to figure that out!) so once it started sticking we geared up and went outside.  It soon turned to rain and was gone by the next morning but we made our first snow angels of the 2012-2013 winter!


There!  I think you're all caught up now, dear reader!  If you were here, I'd share some of my dark chocolate with you but since you're not...I guess you'll have to go get your own! ;-)


  1. I do believe that your new duvet cover will brighten up some of those dark winter days. Nicely done!


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