What wonderful weather we've been having here!  It's been so sunny and even not windy the past few days.  Lovely!  Except for all of the ice everywhere...  Not all of the ice is bad news, however!  Some of it is intentional and quite fun.  On Friday night a group of amazing Whittier volunteers met down at the basketball court and set up our ice rink.  We first had an ice rink in the winter of 2010-2011 and it was fun all winter long.  Last year the deep, deep snow made it impossible to maintain after about January.  This year...who knows!?!  We went for our first skate on Saturday and another on Sunday.  Sunday we hurried outside and got to skate in the sunlight...the rapidly fading, nearly extinct sunlight.

Amazing how quickly the girls got their skating legs back...a bit wobbly and then before we knew it they were hopping and spinning.  It was so great to be able to get outside for some fresh air...and for days in a row, too!  Thank you, Mother Nature! 


  1. First ice of the season & it was ever so much fun for the girls to skate & show gdma moo what they could do. They are good ice skaters. :-0


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