Out of Town

Make no mistake, I absolutely love Whittier, but sometimes you just have to get out.  After the rainiest September in collective community memory, snow and ice on the ground since October 15, and howling winds it was time!  Although Scott and I had each been to town a time or two recently, the girls hadn't left since we took Scott to the airport on September 21.  We all needed a little change of scenery!  We packed up our snacks, books, my camera, etc. and piled into the suburban to head to lunch a the Peanut Farm and then on to the Alaska Rock Gym

Now...I have rock climbed exactly once.  Scott may have gone a few more times than I, but suffice it to say, neither one of us are experts!  Luckily, our kids don't care so we rented them shoes and they went 'bouldering'. Before today I had never heard of bouldering, but after our adventure I can tell you that bouldering is where you are not climbing very high and you are not roped in.  In the picture above, the bouldering area is on the right side.

Not surprisingly, the girls loved it!  Kelsey is so strong...she just goes for it.  Turns out she wasn't a big fan of heights however, so she chose to practice lots of horizontal climbing.  Stacy, on the other hand, just took off for the top.  She is a bit more methodical about things, so she was able to easily pick routes and scaled the wall in no time!  A good confidence booster for a girl who spends a lot of time living in big sister's shadow.

The girls would have climbed until their fingers bled, but Scott and I stopped them after about an hour and half or so.  Stacy was sooooo tired at that point--she was asleep in minutes on the way home!  So...if you have a little cabin fever and you're in the neighborhood, hit up the Alaska Rock Gym.  We'll be going back for sure!


  1. Looks to me like you have a pair of little monkeys!


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