It Rained...and Poured!

But not quite for 40 days, just 16 days for us!  There are reports (though I don't have the data to back them up!) that we got over 30 inches of rain in those 16 days.  Whatever the was wet and windy for a long time.  Very wet.  Very windy.  So when we woke up to patchy blue skies on Saturday we were THRILLED to say the least!  Fall has arrived, so when we went out in the morning we found ice on the slide!

In the afternoon we loaded up, all of us eager for some nature therapy!  Scott is gone on a 10 day moose hunting trip (he comes home today...yipee!) and let's just say we needed to get outside.  We headed up our favorite trail, Horsetail Falls.  After having made it to the top earlier in the summer, I had no trouble getting them to go.  We didn't even stop on the way up!  Go girls!  They chatted most of the way up, burning off some of the steam that had been building all was exactly what we needed!  By the time we got back down the car we all felt much better!

The bad news was...there were snow flurries at the top!  Not sure we're quite ready for that!


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