By the Hour

An idea hit me yesterday--what if I took a picture or two every hour throughout our day?  Why not?  So here's our day in pictures yesterday!

8am--Kelsey cooking her egg

9am--Stacy cooking her egg, my breakfast

10am--ironing my quilt blocks with my new iron

11am--chopping veggies for a new soup recipe

noon--soup and biscuits for lunch

1pm--I was on the phone, no pic!

2pm--Kelsey on the iPad

3pm--roasting spuds for a casserole for dinner

4 pm--several rounds of Goblet Gobblers with Stacy

5pm--eating dinner...guess I didn't take a pic!

6pm--attending the Whittier Talent Show

7pm--uploading pics of the community talent show

8pm--I guess I didn't take a picture here, either!

9pm--watching the Hunger Games with Scott

10pm--nighty, night (our blurry reflections in the window)!

So that was our day!  Maybe I'll try it again some day...and not miss so many hours! ;)


  1. Ha! As I look back on this I realize that almost half of these photos involve food...I guess you can tell that I love to cook and I love to eat! ;)

  2. I must say that's quite an elegant milk glass that you were using for your breakfast!


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