We had a rather long weekend here...no school on Thursday and Friday so our teachers could gather in Anchorage for inservice training.  Perfect timing for us because we got hit with our first cold of the season.  Blech.  Thursday the girls and I laid low...we all felt crummy!  Friday we took Scott and his boss Bob to the airport so they could fly to Bob's hometown of Wrangell.  After a day of grocery shopping and packing yesterday they headed out moose hunting at Virginia Lake.

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On the map above, A is Virginia Lake and B is Wrangell.  To arrive at Virginia Lake from Whittier you first drive to Anchorage, then fly to Yakutat, then to Juneau, then to Petersburg, then on to Wrangell.  Whew!  You're almost there!  Now hop in a boat, then a short quad ride, then another boat and then...you're at this nice little cabin! 

image from US Forest Service

While Scott is off enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation before winter slaps us in the face, I am flying solo here in 804 and trying very hard to be a patient mommy while we're all sick and cooped up.  So far, so good!  Here's a little sampling of how we spent our weekend...

:: making a boxcar

:: making the boxcar children to go with the boxcar

:: playing board games
:: reading books

:: having a movie night

:: making cookie pops (Thank you, Mom!  Perfect timing!)

:: making bath fizzies (Thank you, Penny!)
:: painting

:: drinking cups of tea

:: having hot chocolate at the coffee shop (this was their last weekend open...boo!)
:: short walks in the rain

I am glad to report that we are all feeling much better.  A slow weekend at home helped us all and now we're ready to take on our week, much refreshed!