*Little* Bit of Water

I don't know if it has made headlines in your area or not, but we have been battered by some crazy storms these past few weeks!  The first one hit Anchorage hard on the night of September 4th ...people were without power for up to a week and winds were clocked at over 100 mph.  The next one arrived here in Whittier on Saturday night and stayed through Sunday afternoon.  Of course the worst of it arrived at high tide and it was a 14 foot tide on top of it all!  Needless to say, there was a *little* bit of extra water around!

This is in Anchorage after the first storm...

photo courtesy of  Alaska Dispatch

...and another...

from Facebook

...and even more here on the ADN website.

Whittier wasn't hit quite so hard during the September 4th storm, but we got hammered on the September 15th storm!!

there's a road under there...
class V rapids or just Whittier Creek??
more rapids...

What's a flood without a sinkhole?
It was so crummy that the cruise ship hung around an extra day!  Today another storm is brewing.  Tomorrow's ship anchored up 7 hours early and already hundreds of people in Anchorage are out of power.  So far, things are pretty calm here in Whittier...so far!  Gotta love the weather in Alaska!