Back to School Night

Last night was Back to School Night at the girls' school.  What fun!  Though I spend lots of time at the school, the girls were no less excited to show Scott and I around the room and walk us through their display of precious!

Here's Kelsey's desk girl:

Not surprisingly, Kelsey reports loving all subjects at school.

Here's Stacy's desk girl:

Stacy reports only 'liking' reading, not loving it which is funny since all she wants to do when she comes home from school is read her little collection of early reader books.  Silly girl!

Since Kelsey's in first grade she had a little additional work she had done...a questionnaire about both Scott and I...pretty fun to read them! Click on them to see them larger so they're easier to read.

All about Scott:

And all about me:

Just to help you out, she likes it when I make "breetose" which is often spelled "burritos" in the adult world.  Her version is perfectly first have to say it phonetically out loud for it to make sense!

As a side note, I will always remember this night as "the night we chased a bat out of the school".  Yup.  A real live bat, flying down the hallway of the school!  At 5:50 pm and folks due to arrive at 6pm!  We were able to shoo him down the hall, down the stairs, out of the art room, out of the entryway, out of the arctic entry back into the big world.  Poor little bat was exhausted!!  Always something exciting going on in Whittier!


  1. These are very special & priceless. Good Job Kelsey on your school work. :-)

  2. So jealous- no kiddos invited to our Back To School Night this year so Curt and I get to do a switch in the parking lot at the half-way point. I bet the girls loved showing you around!

  3. What?!?! No kiddos at Back to School night?? That seems odd to me...:(


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