It has been awhile since we had any visitors, so we were very excited to hear that my aunt and uncle were cruising up here and would have a few days at the end of their trip in Anchorage.  You know us, we're always up for an adventure!  We met up with them at their hotel yesterday and after a quick stop at Starbucks we headed off to Palmer to visit the Williams Reindeer Farm.  We had visited the farm last fall when they had their pumpkin patch set up.  Although it was cold, we all had a blast, so I knew the girls would have lots of fun on a warmer day, too!

Our first stop was the elk...

They warn you not to feed the males, but to feel free to feed the females.  We did...the girls had lots of fun!

Next up, the reindeer tour!  Our tour guide's name was Andrea and another mom in our group was an Andrea as neck was sore at the end from turning every time I heard "Andrea" and all of those times you hear "Mom!" and you look, even though it's not your kiddo.  The reindeer are so fun, though!  All of the ones in the pen right now are either older mamas who didn't have babies last year with all of this year's babies who are 4-6 months old.  They are weaning this year's youngsters, so occasionally you hear the "babies" calling their mamas.

We learned that reindeer's antlers (all animals with antlers, actually) are *very* sensitive when they're in velvet and that members of the deer family can't really bite you because they have no top teeth in front.  Teeth on the bottom, gums on top.  We fed the reindeer--they can get a little pushy!  There were a few babies who were penned off to the side...they're headed to Hollywood!  Next time you see a reindeer movie they just might be from here.

After the reindeer we got to see their bison and then visited their super-friendly moose Denali.  After a little bit of information from our guide, we got to feed Denali.  He was quite interested in us as long as we had those willow branches!

And what is a farm without a kitty?  This is Chloe, apparently one of the world's most friendly and social cats!

Of course, a farm needs an adorable puppy too!  This little cutie's name is Kodiak.  He loves to chew on trimmed horse hooves!

Here is one of the horses...

After the reindeer farm we had some lunch in Palmer, then headed back to Anchorage where Aunt Elaine and Uncle Lee had generously invited us to swim in their hotel pool.  The girls swam (and swam and swam!), then we had dinner and ice cream and headed home.  Of course we got stuck in the road construction on the way home and missed the tunnel, but on the upside we did get to watch a beautiful sunset! 

Really, I can't complain about the's been going on all summer and this is the first time it's made us late in all the trips we've made back and forth.  What I will complain about is the fact that when we got home only one elevator in the whole building was working.  GAH!!  There are four elevators here and particularly in the summer when our population is six times that of the winter (and late at night with tired kids) one elevator is not enough!  This morning there are two working at least.  But the sunset was breathtaking!

Thank you Aunt Elaine and Uncle Lee...we had so much fun!!  Hope you have a smooth trip home!


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