Moments like these...

Ahhhh!  These are the moments!

This is out at the head of the bay by the tunnel...I am pretty sure that fairies live on top of this little hill!!

Anyway...Saturday morning was nice and sunny, so the girls hopped on their bikes and I donned my walking shoes and we headed to Shakespeare Creek at the head of the bay.  What fun!  There are *tons* of pinks in the creek this year.  So many you can see them from the pathway up above, splashing as they work their way upstream.  It is so fun to watch them!

The girls found a fork on the beach and after making the comparison to the fork that Ariel finds in The Little Mermaid they attempted to catch fish with it.  No luck!  Next they tried sticks...Stacy had some luck with this method, dragging one tired fish close enough to the edge of the creek that she could wade in and 'pet' it.

Kelsey tried and tried, but was spooked every time the fish flapped and splashed her!

The beach up here is littered with debris that washes up.  It's said that back when it was just the army here they loaded up their trash and dumped it out in the bay...the stuff on the beach suggests this is true!  All kinds of random things...

It was a great way to spend a {partly} sunny morning and when it started to pour later it the afternoon we were sure glad we had gotten out early in the day!