Little Fishies!

Wow!  This summer has certainly been a busy one and swimming lessons have been a big part of that!  We've done two 3 week sessions, for a total of 12 lessons.  The first round took place in June, the second wrapped up today.  During the first session we played tourist in Anchorage, exploring a new place and/or park each time we were in town.  This time we focused on our back to school shopping and practicing our emerging swimming skills, so each Wednesday afternoon found us at the West High pool at open swim gaining confidence and practicing.  It worked!  Kelsey was barely dog paddling at the beginning of the summer and is now confidently swimming both on her back and belly and retrieving items from the bottom of the pool with gusto. 

Stacy was happily clinging to the edge of the pool at the beginning and is now able to swim a good 6-8 feet unassisted.  I am one proud mama, that's for sure!

Scott and I feel strongly that swimming is an essential skill to learn, particularly living where we do and having the hobbies we do.  Although the driving has been exhausting at times, I absolutely believe it has been worth it.  Well done, girls!


  1. Gdma moo is PROUD of you girls for learning to swim. Congratulations---GOOD JOB :-)


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