Fabric In, Fabric Out

Lookie what came in the mail last week!

It's the whole collection of The Birds and The Bees by Tula Pink.  I love, love, love it!  I have a special project in mind for it...

But in order to make room for it I needed to wrap up some sewing I've been working on...the back to school kind!  These are *terrible* pictures, but hopefully you'll get the idea...

These dresses are so much cuter on the kiddos than on the hangers!  The fabric is from the sidewalk sale at Fabric Depot while we were there in July.  Kelsey's dress is on the left, Stacy's on the right.

Really, the pink and brown one is shaped normally...I guess I was in such a hurry to snap these that I didn't even notice, ugh!  Again, Kelsey's is on the left, Stacy's is on the right.  Fabric from JoAnn's in Anchorage...corduroy!

These are bubblegum jumpers from this tutorial.   The fabric is some the girls picked out during the aforementioned trip to Fabric Depot.  Stacy's is on the left this time, Kelsey's on the right.  Pretty sure she was channeling my Grandma that day...anyone who knew my Grandma Paul knows that she would have loved that flowery fabric for sure!

Last up, some skirts!  I got the idea from Pinterest and was originally going to make one for myself, but after buying not quite enough fabric to make one for me I bought a tad more and made them for the girls.  I also made one for me, but it needs a little adjusting before it's ready to wear and share.

So that's it...some fabric in, some fabric out!  Happy sewing!