Moments to Remember

Wow!  What a fun-filled two weeks we had!  Fabulous weather and fun times with friends and family.  I am sure I could write all about it, but would likely get mired down in detail so instead, here are 10 of my favorite moments (in no particular order) from our trip...

:: watching the girls take full advantage of yards and chicken coops
:: sunshine...almost every day!
:: spending some alone time with my hubs
:: seeing the girls grin ear to ear on horseback
:: helping the little ladies bowl their first games
:: riding in Grandpa's Camaro
:: experiencing sunsets
:: enjoying time on the water
:: reconnecting with friends and family
:: visiting old favorite places

As I look back over this list I realize that these times are also those moments reflected in the photos I selected for {this moment} vacation edition.  No coincidence I suppose!  I'll leave you with a beautiful sunset shot from near my parents house...sunsets are different around here with all of our mountains!