Mama's Day Off

I am such a lucky lady!  I got to town for a whole day all my myself! This means I:
  1. Was in and out of stores in less than 30 minutes!
  2. Only had to keep track of me.  And my car.
  3. Got to listen to the music I wanted to listen to!
  4. Got to choose where I wanted to eat lunch!
  5. Browsed!
  6. Tried on clothing without my darlings making embarrassing remarks loud enough for others to hear.
  7. Tried on LOTS of clothing.  Because I could!
  8. Grocery shopped in half of the time.
My first stop was the 5th Avenue Mall to visit JcPenney.  A sidenote here; I am not a big fan of their new business model, clothing, or store layout.  In the past I have been a big JcP fan...their changes may take me a while to get used to.  From there I was off to get my hair cut!  I plopped down in the chair and asked the stylist what would look good.  She made a suggestion and I told her to go for it--the results are below.  I admit to having a total freak-out moment when she used the clippers on the nape of my neck, but I am in love with this haircut!!  I'll apologize up front for my *awesome* self-portrait skills again.

I also went to a few places and tried on lots and lots of clothes.  I even bought some of them!  I came home with 3 (!) new pairs of jeans.  Why is it that when I desperately need new jeans I cannot find any in the whole city, but when I am just out for fun jeans that fit just fall into my lap?  One of the great mysteries of life, I suppose!  Anyway...I am wearing one pair right now and I am sure they are my new faves!

I wrapped up my time in town stocking up on nonperishable items so we have a little less to do when we land back in Anchorage at the end of July.  When I returned home we had a "dress up dinner" that the girls have been wanting to have.  They dressed up in their fancy dress up clothes and high heels and I wore the black dress in the pics above.  Stacy wanted me to wear boots with it, but in the end we compromised on strappy heels.  I am so lucky to have a little stylist to dress me! ;)

Another side benefit of a trip to town on my own was being able to stop along the way and take a few pictures that I wouldn't usually be able to take.  Here are a few of my favorites...

Although I love being a mama, it was absolutely wonderful to have a few hours to just be Andrea.  Huge thanks to my man for holding down the fort at home!!