Weekending...Plan B

**warning--long post with lots of pictures ahead**

Plan A went something like this...leave Whittier on the 5pm tunnel, drive to Ninilchik, clam on Saturday morning, play Saturday afternoon, clam on Sunday morning, head home Sunday afternoon.  Great plan!

Friday dawned warm and sunny here in Whittier, so an opportunity presented itself for me to go kayaking for the first time.  What fun!!

Here's what it looks like when you're paddling back into Whittier in a Kayak...

We made it back to the beach *just* in time for me to grab the kids from the sitter, the cooler, and pick up Scott in time to catch the tunnel!  We had an uneventful and gorgeous drive to Ninilchik (thank you portable DVD player!) and arrived at the Eagle's Watch hostel.  What nice people and a beautiful location!

This was our view to the west...

And our view to the east the next morning...

Rough, huh?  So far, everything is going according to plan!  We got up early on Saturday and hit the beach.  And here's where things start to go awry!  Our favorite clamming beach was a disaster.  A six inch layer of silty mud was deposited this winter/spring making it a challenge to even get down to the water line.  After 30 minutes we had about 18 clams (and good-sized ones!) but the kids were both in tears and getting stuck in the mud every other step.  The whole point of clamming for us is that it has always been a fun family activity and clearly no one was having fun!  We called it a fail, changed clothes, packed up and came up with plan B...head south to Homer!

Homer Spit from the overlook as you drive into town

The weather was fabulous!  We headed down to the spit for a stroll, had lunch, and then visited the new playground in town.  What fun!  There are a bazillion photos over on Fotki, but this one is my favorite.

How can you not have fun on a playground with that view?  This is a driftwood mobile that's on display.  The thing that sets this playground apart in my mind is this cool water feature.

There's a hand pump at the top and then you can play in it all the way down, controlling the flow by damming it up, etc.  What fun!!

After the obligatory ice cream cone at the Spit Licks ice cream shop (just because I love the name!), we headed back up to Ninilchik.  The girls both slept on the way back...after having gotten up at 5 something that morning!  The sun was still shining in Ninilchik, so we stopped at the school and played on their playground.  Another playground with a view!

They also have a cool sledding hill built into their playground.  It was covered in green grass, so we all whipped off our shoes and had some fun!

We had lots of fun running, rolling, and somersaulting down the hill!

A word to the wise...don't hand your camera to your husband and then go somersaulting down a hill.  You will come back to a whole bunch of pictures of your hiney in the air and other odd positions! :)

We enjoyed some quiet time and some Kraft mac & cheese at the hostel that evening.

Sunday morning we headed north.  As long as we were on the playground tour of the Kenai Peninsula we stopped at the Soldotna playground.  Another awesome park!!

We were home by lunchtime and we all enjoyed a little quiet time after a few early mornings courtesy of Miss Early and Miss Riser!

So...it wasn't exactly the weekend we had planned, but it sure turned out to be a fun one regardless!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!

PS--although it seems like there are a lot of pictures in this post, there are about a kazillion that didn't make it.  There are cute pics of the girls biking on Friday, more kayaking pics, and more weekend pics over on Fotki if you're interested!