What a wonderful weekend!  The girls and I made the 3 hour trek up to visit some friends of ours in Talkeetna this weekend.  Every time we go we have so much fun.  Our friends have a great little house near a lake and there's always something going on in Talkeetna.  This weekend was no exception!

We left on Thursday after swimming lessons and a picnic with some other friends.  We arrived mid-afternoon and had lots of fun getting reacquainted and taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine and a yard!  Friday morning we hung out at the house and then walked to nearby Sunshine Lake.  It certainly lived up to its name this weekend!

In the afternoon we hauled out some buckets and let the kids play in the water, then headed to the Susitna River to play for a bit.  The water there was snow not too long ago but with temperatures in the 80s it didn't seem to slow the kids down a bit!  We were all a bit uncomfortable since none of us are accustomed to such heat.

After the river, we headed to downtown Talkeetna where the Denali Arts Council puts on a 'Live at Five' series on Friday nights throughout the summer featuring live music in the park.  We staked out our spot in the shade, grabbed some dinner and the kids continued on their mission of totally exhausting themselves.  By the time the music wrapped up we had also fed the kiddos some ice cream...sugar + exhausted kids = super fun bedtime! :)

Saturday we stuck around the house in the morning to let the kids recover from the doins on Friday, then we headed into town for another treat brought to us by the Denali Arts Council, the Green Light Circus.  It's a community circus where the kids attend a circus camp put on by members of the Roustabout Circus.  The kids participate and build skills year to year and then wrap up their camp by putting on several shows.  Let me just say was FANTASTIC!  The girls were completely attentive for the entire 2 hour show.  We all enjoyed it tremendously!

After the circus we headed back to the house and enjoyed the perfect summer dinner...barbequed and enjoyed outside!

It was a weekend full of sunshine, friends, and fun!