Sunny Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had here!  It was sunny and warm for two whole days!  The kind of days where you cannot imagine living anywhere else.  The kind of days that leave tourists breathless.  We started out Saturday with breakfast down at the harbor then we packed a picnic lunch and headed up to Salmon Run for lunch and some playing.

Saturday afternoon found us down at the harbor.  We met up with Scott who had been out deck handing for a friend, watched them fillet some halibut, had an ice cream cone, and wrapped up the day with a BBQ with our friends at the Lazy Otter.

Sunday dawned fabulously warm and sunny without any of the wind that was present on Saturday morning.  We met up with some friends at the head of the bay for a morning by (sometimes in) the water.  The kids had a blast!  We took some paint after I saw the idea on Pinterest to use watercolors on rocks.  Washes right off when the tide comes in!  I had more fun with it than the kids, though.

Also taking place on Sunday was the annual Walk to Whittier which has been a March of Dimes function these past few years.  We didn't end up walking, but we did take part in the activities that followed the walk.  Poor Stacy has seasonal allergies and is *miserable* this time of year when it stops raining.  Meds help, but she was in pretty rough shape by lunchtime, so a few hours indoors and a nap were right up her alley.  After the walk the Button Box Gang was performing on the triangle and the Shriners from Anchorage came down with their fun little car to make balloon animals for the kids.   It was a wonderful afternoon!  We wrapped up the day playing with a birthday boy here in town before heading inside to give poor Stacy some relief from the pollen.

Here's hoping you had a terrific weekend as well!