Fun in the Sun

Tuesday dawned bright and sunny and we absolutely made the most of it!  We started the day with some friends taking advantage of a very low (-3.7 feet) tide.  There's usually not much in the way of tidepools in Whittier, but with a tide that low you're bound to see something!

Of course we got wet.  And cold.  So what do you do when you're wet and cold in Whittier?  Head to the Lazy Otter!!  Nothing warms you up faster than a toasted bagel and some hot chocolate, right?

In the afternoon we tried something new from Pinterest...sidewalk chalk paint.  Success!

There are lots of variations of recipes out there...we went with 1/2 cup cornstarch, 3/4 cup water, and food coloring.  It turned out great!  And as with anything in Whittier...if you're having fun it's almost guaranteed that other kiddos will show up... it started out with just us...

...but pretty soon a few friends had joined us...

...and then even more friends!

And then there was a birthday BBQ to wrap up the day!  Lots of fun in the sun!!


  1. Alot of fun--Stacy--proud of you for holding your star fish. Good job. Keley--thanks for showing us your star fish.:-)


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