I signed myself up to do a bunch of driving in the next few weeks by enrolling the girls in swimming lessons at the YMCA in Anchorage.  Our lessons are twice a week for the next three weeks.  The downside--lots of time in the car.  The upside--the girls become better swimmers and since we're already in town we have the opportunity to do some of those things I always thing would be fun but never quite get around to.  Yesterday was our first time in and we spent our afternoon shopping and visiting the pediatrician.  Now that we have that out of the way we can play!! Here's my start at a list of possibilities...
  1. Visit the Alaska Botanical Garden
  2. Walk the boardwalk at Potter Marsh
  3. Check out the Alaska Law Enforcement Museum
  4. Take a tour of the Oscar Anderson House
  5. Check out some new playgrounds
  6. Visit the Eagle River Nature Center
Since yesterday was day 1, we have five more trips to make.  Here's hoping the weather in Anchorage improves so we can check out some of these things!

I'll leave you with a picture from this morning as we walked to the Lazy Otter.  The girls in their new rain gear!