We did it!  We checked out a couple of the new things after swimming lessons today!  First stop, Campbell Creek Park.  There's a nice little trail here that leads to a fish viewing platform I hear, but after swimming and some playing Stacy was not interested in walking at all so we left that for another time!  We did enjoy the nice little picnic and playground area, though.

Next we drove a few miles to the Alaska Botanical Garden.  We didn't really choose the best day to go because they were prepping for their Garden Fair and Art Show this weekend.  We still had fun though and I am hoping to get back there a bit later in the summer when more things are in bloom.

Our final (and brief) stop was Potter Marsh.  We'll have to try this one again...we got caught in a torrential downpour shower.  We all decided that we'd call it a day and try again when we were drier! far, so good!  We are exploring some new places and having fun!  Stay tuned for our adventures next week....