Adventures, part two!

We had just a little adventure yesterday thanks to a wicked combination of seasonal allergies and summer colds.  The girls felt so crummy that they barely played at the park we stopped at, poor things!  Anyway...we visited Wickersham Park which is not far from the YMCA.  We picnicked, played on the swings, and checked out Campbell Creek.

The views along the way home were magnificent.  I even chanced waking the kids up by stopping to snap a few pictures.  Yes...they both were asleep in the car.  That hasn't happened in forever!  Stacy fell asleep on the way into town too!  Anyway...the picture doesn't do it justice.  The sky was much bluer, but clearly my photographic skills weren't quite up to the task of capturing it all.

The ice on Portage Lake finally all broke up about two weeks ago, but the last of it is far from melting!

When we got home the kids pretty much camped out on the couch, it was just that kind of afternoon.  They're both feeling much better today...probably because they shared the wonderful germs with mama!  Summer colds really stink!