Adventures, Part 3!

Day 4 of swimming lessons found us at the David Green park with friends before we headed to Talkeetna.  It was a beautiful day and a busy park!  I am finding that in Anchorage the school playgrounds are in general way more fun than park playgrounds.  Day 5 of swimming lessons was rainy, so after our picnic in the car (in the JoAnn's parking lot!) we headed downtown to the Alaska State Troopers Museum.  It's not a huge museum, but fairly kid friendly and just the right size for my budding (I hope!) historians.  The girls were in the mood for posing so here they are next to the restored 1952 Hudson Hornet patrol car.

At JoAnn's the girls picked up those new crowns for the dress-up box and wore them all over town!  They also wore them while posing with the Safety Bear.

And while we played a bit and smelled the flowers in the Town Square Park.

Kelsey loves the story The Giving Tree right now and when I saw this picture it immediately made me think of the boy and his tree...

The flowers all around the park were beautiful!  Just beautiful!

It was another fun afternoon!  Tomorrow is the last day of swimming lessons and we have plans to have lunch with the other little girls in our class.  They're cousins and very close in age to K & S so it should be a fun afternoon!


  1. How in the world are the Dahlias so much further along in Alaska? Please don't tell me that Anchorage in warmer than Portland in June....


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