Weekend Crafting

As previously mentioned, the weather here this weekend was dookey.  Ugh!  So we did what seemed best...ventured out only for food!  We hiked down to the harbor for dinner on Saturday and a treat yesterday.  Otherwise we were hunkered down inside.  The girls made any number of things (and messes!) while I cranked out these fine items!

First up, two dresses!  Made from this tutorial, and lengthened from shirts to dresses.  Cute!  And even cuter on a little body!

And next up...an oven mitt! I burned a hole through one of mine, so I needed to replace it.  Wal-Mart has been out of them (!) the last two times I looked, so I gave up and made one.  I have another half made, but ran out of red thread.  Grrrr!

I really like the new one...nice and cheerful!