A Trip to the Movies...and More!

This weekend Stacy finally decided what she wanted for her birthday "thing" was to go to the movies.  Scott and I started this a few years ago.  Instead of buying the girls a gift on their birthdays we let them choose a family activity that we go do together.  Kelsey chose skiing, but Stacy has been paralyzed by indecision.  Kinda like her mama in that way!  Anyway...once the decision was made we jumped on it rather than travel down the road of 'I changed my mind...'.  We went to see The Pirates! Band of Misfits.  It was OK...not great, but not terrible.  No matter...the girls had fun!  They even asked me to curl their hair for this special occasion!


After the movies we visited our friends at Glacier Fudge and Espresso at the Anchorage Market and Festival for some ice cream cones.  Yum!  The market always has fun stuff going for kids--huge watercolor paintings, sidewalk chalk, and balloon animals.  It's always a stop the girls are excited to make.  A fun day!

Today it was dry here in Whittier so we headed outside.  We ended up (as we often do) in front of one of our favorite local hangouts, the Lazy Otter.  Today our first ship of the season was in, so it was the perfect place to hang out, visit with people and enjoy the mostly sunny skies!

Look at that wagon full of fun! We wrapped up the night with a last-minute BBQ with friends at the triangle. Welcome summer!!